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One of Clarksville-Montgomery County’s greatest strengths in business recruitment is its trained and educated workforce.  Our community is enhanced by the presence of Fort Campbell Army Post and Austin Peay State University.

Fort Campbell is home to over 25,000 active duty soldiers. While the post office resides in Kentucky, approximately 80% of the land mass of the base is located in two Tennessee counties, Montgomery and Stewart.  The Post houses approximately 20% of the soldiers and of the 80% that reside off Post, 80% reside in Montgomery County.  

Approximately 400 soldiers separate from the Army each month and through a labor market assessment of the region, we learned that over 44% of those soldiers would prefer to stay in the community if quality jobs are available.  Even more impressive is the fact that over 70% of the soldiers’ spouses would prefer to stay in the area provided they can find quality employment.  The soldiers and their spouses are educated, many of them with advanced degrees and highly trained.

Austin Peay State University is Clarksville’s four year, state funded university.  APSU offers associate, bachelor’s, master’s and education specialist’s degrees in 57 majors and concentrations.  The University is heavily involved in the community’s economic developmet efforts and is eager to assist in your company’s relocation or expansion process.

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