Clarksville-Montgomery County, Tennessee, is within a one-day drive of 76% of the major U.S. markets, strategically located on the Cumberland River and 40 miles from the Nashville International Airport.


Being situated astride Interstate 24, a primary route between Midwestern United States and Atlanta, affords one-day delivery to 76% of major U.S. markets and easy access for shipping in all directions.

Federal Highways:
U.S. 41-A 
U.S. 79

State Highways:
Highway 12 
Highway 13 
Highway 48 
Highway 76 
Highway 149 
Highway 112 
Highway 374 
Highway 236 
Highway 237

Highway Projects

Motor Freight Transportation

Clarksville-Montgomery county presently has three trucking companies with terminals in the area:

Averitt Express 
Nationwide Transportation Services 
Roadway Express

Most major motor freight transportation firms serve the area as well.


Rail transportation is provided by R.J. Corman Railroad (shortline) from Clarksville to Guthrie, Kentucky and CSX Transportation (mainline). The Clarksville-Montgomery County Corporate Business Park is served by rail and rail for the expanded Business Park South has been designed.


Of all middle Tennessee cities, Clarksville is nearest to the Mississippi River system. Its strategic location on the Cumberland River provides an all-season channel to the Gulf of Mexico.

A feasibility study for a potential public inter-modal port site was completed in 1999. The study identified and ranked sites, three of which have land available for industrial development and access to necessary infrastructure. Two private permitted sites serve both the north and south sections of Montgomery County.

Clarksville Regional Airport

Clarksville Regional, located in North Clarksville, is overseen by the Clarksville-Montgomery County Airport Authority. The airport began as a primitive landing area for biplanes and has grown to accommodate more than 40,000 private and corporate flights that come in and out of the airport annually. The airport is home to a pilot training school, an aircraft sales company, a commercial aircraft maintenance company and a fueling company.

Operator Outlaw Aircraft Sales
Aircraft Maintenance, Inc.
Volunteer Aviation 
Runways 17/35 - 6,000’ x 100’
5/23 - 4,004’ x 100’ 
Elevation 549’ 
Lights Medium intensity - 36” Beacon
VASIRW - 17 
Radio Facilities Unicom 122.8 
Surface Asphalt 
Fuel Jet A and 100 Low Lead 
Instrument Approaches Localizer 111.7
VOR 110.6
NDB-GPS Ft. Campbell Aph 118.10 
Repairs Major 
Storage Hangar, Tie-down 
Weather Flight Services
(877) 487-6867 
Attended Daylight hours 
Phone Number Airport Manager 
(931) 431-2080 fax (931) 431-2079

Nashville International Airport

The Nashville International Airport (BNA) is approximately 45 minutes from Clarksville. Serving an average of 23,300 passengers daily with 424 arrivals and departures, the airport provides nonstop or direct service to 84 cities.


The Clarksville Transit System is operated by the City of Clarksville, the Federal Transit Administration, and is overseen by the Clarksville City Council. With an average of 1,200 passengers a day, the Clarksville Transit System is equipped with eight 32-passenger Orion coaches and five 18-passenger para-transit vans. For additional information, contact the Clarksville Transit System office at 931-553-2429.

For cross-country transportation, Brooks Bus Lines, Inc. and Greyhound Bus Lines provide service from a local bus station.

Special Transportation

Clarksville Limousine Service, a privately owned public utility, shuttles travelers to and from the Nashville International Airport with 8 scheduled trips daily. Five 14-passenger vans make up the serviceís fleet. For more information, phone 931-552-9000.


Friday, July 10, 2020

 “As we take time to reflect on the success and the accomplishments our great community has seen this past year I am pleased to share that the economic development efforts of the Clarksville-Montgomery County Industrial Development Board (IDB) have impacted the prosperity of every business, friend, family, and neighbor in Montgomery County and throughout the region,” said Frank Tate, Executive Director, Industrial Development Board. “The IDB is a community organization, that was established in 1963, designed to market growth and foster job development by creating an environment that provides progress and a high quality of life for our citizens. Our strategy is simple, to put the county in a competitive position to grow, attract and retain the types of companies we desire.”

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The Clarksville-Montgomery County Industrial Development Board (IDB) is pleased to announce Agero, Inc. (Agero) is expanding its call center operation and strengthening its presence in Clarksville, with a capital investment of $2 Million and the creation of 900 jobs. The state-of-the-art call center, established in 2012, provides critical roadside assistance and safety and security services.

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