High-Value Business Services

A new state of the art Office Park and Conference Center coming in 2021, and a great quality of life make Clarksville a top choice for Business Services Industries. 

Key Subsectors Include:

Inbound Customer Service Centers
Subsidiary & Regional
Management Offices
Finance &
Insurance Support Centers
Advertising Material Printing & Distribution Services
Back Office/
Staff Operations
Office Administrative Services
Health Technology/ Medical Advising

High-Value Business Services and its subsectors focus on providing value to businesses and consumers in the areas of operations that support finance, insurance, and health services that require advanced skills and training.

Customer Assistance Centers:
The rise of digital services supports significant growth in this industry.

With the culture of self-service online and cost-effective products, the growth of centralized customer assistance centers will increase, providing medical advising (nurse lines), investing advice, and many other facets of support.

This emerging industry uses technology to improve financial activities.

Financial technology is the new technology and innovation that aims to compete with traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services. This technology has revolutionized finance in the past decade and will continue to grow and innovate.

Back Office:
These operations enable global companies to achieve efficiencies and cost savings by consolidating staff in one location.

Support functions such as accounting, customer service, information technology, legal, logistics, sales and marketing, or other support functions are localized in one area. Montgomery County Tennessee makes being able to operate these business roles in lower labor and real estate markets a reality. 


Friday, July 10, 2020

 “As we take time to reflect on the success and the accomplishments our great community has seen this past year I am pleased to share that the economic development efforts of the Clarksville-Montgomery County Industrial Development Board (IDB) have impacted the prosperity of every business, friend, family, and neighbor in Montgomery County and throughout the region,” said Frank Tate, Executive Director, Industrial Development Board. “The IDB is a community organization, that was established in 1963, designed to market growth and foster job development by creating an environment that provides progress and a high quality of life for our citizens. Our strategy is simple, to put the county in a competitive position to grow, attract and retain the types of companies we desire.”

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The Clarksville-Montgomery County Industrial Development Board (IDB) is pleased to announce Agero, Inc. (Agero) is expanding its call center operation and strengthening its presence in Clarksville, with a capital investment of $2 Million and the creation of 900 jobs. The state-of-the-art call center, established in 2012, provides critical roadside assistance and safety and security services.

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