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High-Value Manufacturing & Distribution

Clarksville is strategically located along 1-24, in the heart of auto alley, within 1 day shipping time from 76% of major U.S. Cities - making it an ideal location for High-Value Manufacturing & Distribution.

Automotive Assembly
 Automotive Suppliers
Food Processing
Metal Forging
Electrical Equipment
Household Appliance
Metal Fabrication
& Metal Products
Clay Product
Building & Design Products Manufacturing
Medical Device

Key Subsector Targets Include:

Automotive suppliers (in three main categories):
14 major Automotive facilities within 400 miles solidify Clarksville as a clear choice for the auto industry.

Light-duty original equipment suppliers 
Interact directly with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

Heavy-duty original equipment suppliers
Make parts for commercial vehicles: semi-trucks, trailers, and buses.

Aftermarket suppliers -
Provide products for the repair and maintenance of existing vehicles sold through retail stores.

Medical equipment and supplies:
Clarksville is ready to assist with the demands of the aging population and need for growth in this industry, 

Influenced by the aging population, and a high incidence of chronic diseases the demand for medical equipment and supplies is growing, while the industry is not impacted by economic downturns because health care is a necessary expense. 

These companies manufacture, and market: medical and dental instruments, supplies, equipment, uniforms used by hospitals, clinics, surgery centers, and long-term care facilities.

As consumers demand faster service, Clarksville is a cost-effective regional distribution solution.

The need for distribution centers in the United States continues to grow as the population grows. Regional and local distribution centers along regular supply chain routes, allow a manufacturer to ship products in bulk to locations where the large shipments can be broken into smaller increments. This decentralized model allows larger truckloads of goods to be shipped shorter distances to the final destination which both reduces costs and the time needed for delivery to the customer.